Some reviews of The Lounge Room Confabulators

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Photo: Lachlan Woods

Capital Idea
Source: Capital Idea
Date: September 27th 2010
Written by: John Bailey

“a masterful mix of the gothic and the comic”

“It's greatest strength is in the writing, which maintains a literary complexity that's often lacking in theatre”

“If you do get a chance to visit a performance, or if the season is extended, jump on it hard with both feet”

The Age
Source: The Age
Date: September 30th 2010
Written by: Cameron Woodhead

“the narrative ingenuity behind this performance — infinitely clever, insidious and beguiling — is a rare treat”

dB Magazine
Source: dB Magazine
Date: March 8th 2011
Written by: David O’Brien

“you invite an experience of unforgettable black edge tinged, yet honey gold romanticism lilting your heart as they hold you in their thrall”

“infused with symbolic imagery and dark morality of such poetry you begin to see what it might have been like if the players of the early morality plays before Shakespeare's heyday had been able to scale down their work”

The Advertiser
Source: The Advertiser
Date: February 17th 2011
Written by: Tim Lloyd

“Original and charming”