Some reviews of The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us

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Date: March 22nd 2011
Written by: Jane Howard

"Bowden completely understands the power of the shared space of theatre”

"Bowden’s language is so visual as it plays through alliteration, through metaphors; he paints a world simple in its design, easy to understand, and yet adorned with the beauty of language”

"The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us is the simplicity of the mammoth: of the end of the world, of first crushes, of life-long loves, and of pain and beauty in solitary. Of one-man shows to tiny packed audiences, and how mighty that can really be”

Source: The Adelaide Advertiser
Date:March 7th 2011
Written by: Sarah Martin

"Peppered with keyboard, harmonica and ukulele tunes, and some nimble milk-crate climbing, this is a well-crafted and engaging show”

"Bowden has a lovely, indie-kid energy about him, with a warming smile that immediately captures the audience's goodwill”

Date: March 3rd 2011
Written by: Adrian Miller

"part whimsy, part masterful storytelling”

"Ultimately a feel-good show”

"Final Word: Clever”

dB Magazine
Date: March 9th – 22 2011
Written by: Steve Jones

"Stuart Bowden plays Avian, and it's his astute minimalist use of props, comprising mostly of an interchangeable set made entirely out of milk crates and a sparse backdrop of lighting and a deftly looped soundscape created before his audience, that beautifully illustrates the quest before him”

"This is exceptional theatre that will resonate with you long into your own, hopefully not too late to fully appreciate future"