shoes, insects and LONDON shows.

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Hello good friends and creatures of this planet that we know a lot of things about,

I hope you’re well and keeping out of triangles.  

Yesterday I arrived in London and I’ve been walking around a lot since then. I bought some new shoes - just canvas, nothing fancy. I’ve not worn out the old ones, I just got excited, new ones, “it's time” I thought. Just for a bit more variety in my life, for every time I glance down at my feet to negotiate a tricky curb or mysterious summer time footpath puddle that has trickled down from an obscured corner that has recently offered some undignified relief (wee wee), I have new shoes to look at.

Anyway, basically I just decided to write to tell you that I'm not just spending my days and nights walking around London looking at my new shoes, I'm also doing some things here, so I wanted to tell you about that but then I got distracted and started telling you about insects because I just realised that all of the memorable insects in my life are dead now. all of them, most likely dead, I have no way to prove it of course, I certainly haven't seen them out and about though. They just live little lives and I haven’t seen any memorable ones recently to keep me going. So they’re all dead. I usually like to keep an eye out for memorable ones, so that I can think back to the most recent ones and think, I wonder how they’re going today. But I’ve not been paying attention recently and the last one (wasp in the herbs, what's she doing in there? I don't know!) is most likely dead. Well, here are a few that I took photo's of, enjoy.


ALL DEAD. I will miss them. (actually I’m pretty sure that last photo is of one who was already dead, I think that picture is just the husk of it). irrelevant though, because the bit that wriggled out (if that's what they do) is most definitely dead now too - not just because it was getting around nude, but because it has been 3 years and I really don't think it would live that long considering it's trying to get by in this new globalised economy nude.

Hang on... two things

2. why am I sitting in the dark listening to christmas carols? Not sure, it just feels right I guess.

1. why am I telling you this? not sure it just feels right.

Anyway the more astute of you might be thinking - "hey stu, what about the show details you mentioned".

Cool your horses! I'm getting to that. easy there, easy there hot horse.

So while I'm in the London I'm doing a few things but the most interesting thing and most widely accessible for outsiders (people who are not in my body) is definitely Wilting In Reverse. It's my latest creation. Here are the details:

Mon 22 - Sat 27 AUG




As a treat for looking at all those dead insects you can have 2-4-1 tickets if you use the magic code: REVERSE.

Anyway that's all I have to tell you about (FOR NOW!!!). but I have one question (rhetorical):

How long do hermit crabs live? I filmed this video in 2008.