(you are invited to join a gang) Come over to the South Side! NOW! Tonight!

Added on by Stuart Bowden.

Well, hello there.

I hope you are having the best day of your life, or, maybe it’s tomorrow, who knows. anyway i hope you’re alright. me? how’s my day? Well, I’ve spent a inappropriately long time standing out the back in the rain. Mostly because I’ve just planted some grass seed and I think I have a real shot at a lawn and watching that process is important to me. So thanks, it’s really nice of you to ask about me, about my day, you’re good like that. Enough chit chat!

This is an update targeted at the small but fervent members of the S. BOW Grand Street Gang on the island of Australia, specifically the Melbourne corner, so anyone anywhere else in the world (you know who you are) - Antarctica, UKingdom, Siberia, Kuala Lumpur, Panama, Canary Islands, Arctic Circle (that includes you Tromso!) or anywhere I’ve forgotten to mention including Canada (who I forgot on purpose) get back to work! This is not for you and it would be rude to pry.

Good. It’s just us now. lets talk frank. 

I need back up. The Gang needs back up! I’ve been working my magic legs off down on Southbank, down at the Malthouse, winning new territory, but it’s a tough side of town. I know what you’re thinking, “what are you doing down there? That’s where the big gangs hang out, it’s dangerous” 

Yep you’re right, there are some big gangs, the Warhol Weiwei Gang, there’s a whole bunch of MTC gangs with big white pipes and even one a gang with Marcia Hines in it. “Stu, you’re just a little peanut with a tin foil helmet on. What are you doing?” 

Honestly, I have no idea! I need back up. Please spread the word. This is the meeting place: Malthouse Theatre, TUES - SAT 7pm, SUN 6pm until the 17th of April. AND don’t leave it to the last minute, I need back up NOW. Tell people - invite you’re old school friends, your work colleagues, your neighbours, the internet even, yes invite the internet. Tell them to go to join the She Was Probably Not A Robot *Gang.

It’s not all bad on the south of the bridge though. Don’t be scared, I’ve been building some alliances with other powerful splinter gangs:

The Wil Greenway Gang is hairy, fierce but fair and strong in the field using words as weapons. Zoe McDonald, a powerfully formidable force. Adrienne Truscott, a deadly grip and wrestling aficionado. Damian Callinan a well dressed swing dancer with an extraterrestrial alliance. There’s an uprising on the way! AHAAAHHHAHAHA!!!   

So come on down! Let’s do this.

Now I’m going to get back to the grass.

*it's just my show, there's nothing actually gang related in the content of the show, I'm just using that as a flashy, attention seeking PR angle, sorry. Although I do believe theatre: the act of gathering, creating community, uniting with ideas; is a political act. Anyhoo.