She Was Probably Not a Robot at Malthouse for MICF.

Added on by Stuart Bowden.

Tonight I'm previewing my 23 show run of She Was Probably Not A Robot at The Malthouse for Comedy Festival. Come check it out (if you please). It's a bit of a newer version of the show (the basic structure is the same). Oh and I've moved back to Melbourne to be based here so if it goes badly, well... yeah, this is pretty much make or break for the future of my career in Australia, so, yeah come along.

Cool as fog (to my knowledge fog is the coolest of the moistures).

OH and as a little prize for reading this far, here is a secret code for 2 for 1 tickets: ROBOT241 - pretty sweet code hey? It will be available for the first week only)

Important details:


The Malthouse Theatre

23 MAR - 17 APRIL (no show on Mondays)

7pm (6pm on Sundays)


★★★★★ "he creates a hilarious, bittersweet and completely enthralling world" - Three Weeks

★★★★★ "utterly compelling from the start to finish" - Broadway Baby

★★★★★ "Phenomenal one man wonder show... Stuart Bowden is an absolute genius... With live music, bizarre storytelling and perfect physical comedy, She Was Probably Not A Robot will leave you with a skip in your step and a smile on your heart" - Edinburgh Guide

★★★★ "gorgeous notes of melancholia" - The Scotsman

"a subliminal masterpiece" - The Stage

★★★★ "Deliciously bleak humour... laugh out loud funny and heartbreakingly poignant" - Exeunt

"A combination of live music, poignant storytelling and physical comedy, She Was Probably Not A Robot is heartbreaking, thought-provoking and laugh out loud funny." - Perth Now

"Minimal, rough, surreal and hilarious. There’s also a darkness to the content that keeps sentimentality at bay." -Crikey

★★★★ "Side-splittingly funny, heart-wrenching and utterly absurd this is a beautiful piece of theatre from one of Tuxedo Cat’s finest. Stunning." - Adelaide Advertiser 

"Bowden has a firm grasp on how to create an understated image using the simplest means. Using nothing more than a few boxes, some instruments and a loop pedal, he takes the audience to the end of the universe in the profoundest of simple ways." - The Public Reviews

★★★★ "He hits just the right balance of funny and sad, knowing exactly when to pull back on the wistfulness and punctuate it with something grotesque or absurd. Bowden has crafted a superb storytelling show and while it has a fringe vibe it’s deserving of a much wider audience." - SBS Comedy

★★★★ and a 1/2
"with its ridiculous humour, highly original plot and artfully-questionable use of props and blocking, this laugh-out-loud production is not one audiences are likely to forget" - Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★  and a 1/2 "Stuart Bowden is a smart guy. He has created a very funny and whimsical show about something that’s actually quite serious. Excellent!" - Rip It Up Magazine

"This fantastic show is hugely entertaining and touchingly funny... a remarkable, handmade odyssey... Outstanding show" - Fringe Review

"a heartwarming, melancholic and hilarious work of lo-fi storytelling" - The Music