morning coffee

Added on by Stuart Bowden.

You're in the hotel room. You're not allowed to have guests here, cheap hotel. I park in a space across the road. It's quiet, no other cars, I sneak towards the back of your room, I'm pretty excited. You're still sleeping. I push the window open and climb in, with a coffee for you. I take the trumpet out of its case, I take off my clothes until I am completely naked. This will be the funniest thing to wake up to I think. But just before I'm about to play, I worry that it might be a bit too intense, so I climb into the closet and start playing some stupid jazz from in there. You spring out of bed, and see the window ajar, pick up a belt and fasten it around the two closet doorknobs, I'm trapped.

"You scared the shit out of me" you yell at the closet.

"Sorry, I got excited. Now let me out."

"No it's your punishment"

There is a knock at the door. Quickly you go to the door, "hello" you say to the closed door.

"We've had a complaint, we need to come in." 

"Oh is it about the trumpet, sorry I've stopped."

"No it's not about that. We need to come in I'm afraid."

"Oh, ok." You open the door a little. "It's really fine, I've stopped playing trumpet."

"Do you have someone else staying with you?"

"No, no, I'm completely alone."

"Sorry could you please let me in, we need to check your room."

"WHat for?"

"Someone reported seeing someone climb in the window. We need to check your room"

Meanwhile I'm naked, locked in the closet holding a trumpet.