My 2013 in Music

Added on by Stuart.

These are my favorite songs of 2013. In a rough order. for some of them I have noted the first time I heard them.

San Francisco - Foxygen

 Song for Zula - Phosphorescent

Avant Gardener - Courtney Barnett

Open - Rhye

Bugs Don't Buzz - Majical Cloudz

Smother - Daughter

The first time I ever heard this song I was on a packed train at the end of a tired day. It was cold on the platform, I was pushed inside, I ended up near a man who kept making faces at a small boy who wouldn't smile, no matter what.

Won't You Come Over - Devendra Banhart

Dancing in a candle lit lounge drinking/mostly spilling wine.

Pretty Boy - Young Galaxy

Song For The Sold - Kishi Bashi

Riding through a neighborhood I've never been through on the way back from portabello market. tall mansions. I went down a little street past some important building maybe it was an embassy or something, anyway there was a police guard out the front with a machine gun. I rode past quickly, he whistled I looked back and he was waving me back. I turned around, took out my headphones, rode back - thinking I was either going to be shot or something and he said "this is a oneway street, I'd hate to see a car come round the corner and clean you up"

Ironworks - Baths

Advance Falconry - Mutual Benefit

Night, maybe midnight, port, candles, by the window.

Chum - Earl Sweatshirt

Early morning. Cold street, walking or kind of running - I'm late. Crossing streets, anxious drivers already angry drivers. They woon't let me cross. They're on the way to work, maybe they do this everyday, maybe not, but theres no need to worry so much.

Even If We Try - Night Beds

Late morning, one of those really crisp sunny ones, hearts sore these mornings. I'm by the canal, the bright bounces.

Riptide - Vance Joy

I was running, just for fun, I did that once or twice a year - at those times when I was really not sure what else to do.

Somebody to Love - Valerie June

Les Enfants - Celeste

Kicking leaves, kicking leaves in the park, slap a tree trunk - slap a tree five - why not?

Small Plane - Bill Callahan

Going down to the shops for groceries, getting lost in the horizon, getting lost in the song.

Darkside - Paper Trails

Patroling the streets, searching for some fireworks, got to get some fireworks for Remember Remember. That guy who normally opens up a wardrobe full of fireworks this time of year, where is he now? where is he when I need him?

Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend

Manhattan - Cat Power

And Then I Found Myself In The Taiga - Norwegian Arms

Retrograde - James Blake

My Old Friend - Sam Amidon

Byegone - Volcano Choir

Ka Moun Ke - Rokia Traore

Ritual Union - Electric Guest

Well You Better - Yo La Tengo

Learning - The National (cover)

Put A Light On - Generationals

Dropla - Youth Lagoon