Something Old and Something New for Brighton

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November 3
5pm, Brighton Dome

7pm, Brighton Dome

This is a picture of me when I was young (two years ago), but immensely wise. I was warming up to do the first preview of my first solo storytelling show called The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us - I look nervous. My warm up consisted of staring at a bit of blue tack for half an hour, whilst holding two oranges. It all went pretty well (the warm up and the show). I last performed this show in Edinburgh 2011 but I will be doing it again on Sunday (Nov 3rd 2013) at Brighton Dome. This excites me. As I re-learn the show I remember how much I love it. It has a pretty big heart, it may be my best work, did I peak too soon? Maybe. Has everything been trivial after? Who knows? I don't know, but what I do know is it makes me happy to be doing it again. 

This is me now (a couple of months ago). I'm warming up to do my first preview of my latest show She Was Probably Not A Robot. My warm up has changed quite a bit (I now take 2 hours before the show to try and point at everything in the room).  I know I look happy and confident but I was probably quite nervous (because I still had a lot of things in the room that I had not yet pointed at). I'm also doing this show at Brighton Dome on Sunday.