Getting the Ghost Out

Added on by Stuart.

One winter’s morning I woke up under my bed with a terrible belief that I was haunted. I didn’t think that this was such a bad thing, I just accepted that this was how life would be from now on. I was still charming and playful, and very kind. When people laughed with me I wasn’t shy and when people didn’t laugh with me I was shy. I was still me, but there were heavy clouds inside me. My body was filled with a solid shadow that weighed me down. I used to be able to jump quite high, but I could barely get my feet off the ground. I used to be courageous but I became frightened and it was frightening which made things even worse.

Until, one hot Summer’s day I woke up under a trampoline. I crawled out from underneath and I climbed onto the springy black pad and I bounced. I just bounced. I became light. 

“Hello neighbours over the fence”.  

“Oh, hello there” the words blossomed from their mouths as they laughed and clapped. 

I was a bouncing man. I think whatever was heavy and dark inside me must’ve rattled out; I was no longer possessed. I was still me, but there was light inside once again.

Alas, I became over confident. I discarded my pants, attempting to moon my neighbours. But I bounced a little too close to the edge, my foot slipped off, it was a dangerous affair. My genitals became entangled in the springs, I was trapped. I had visions of becoming like a petrified bat on an electric wire. I wept and wept, waiting for help. But no one came. I yelped. But no one heard. I cried hot tears but the springs would not let go of my soft skin. I dragged the trampoline around the side of the house and onto the street, still attached. I flagged down traffic, but no one stopped. I was too pathetic. Like Icarus I had jumped too high. O how painful it is to fall from such splendour. I hauled the trampoline to a convenience store, stole some butter and eased myself free with it's fatty powers. 

It was a difficult day for me. The ghost in my heart had fled, but I had a shame stain on my soul. I learnt a profound lesson that day.  

The End.