Last Time I Saw My Heart

Added on by Stuart.

My heart was a lost thing.
No one knew what it was when they found it.
They put it in a cabinet.
Heaps of people admired it.
Heaps of people hated it.
Heaps of people were moved.
It touched some people.
Some people touched it.
It made them all curious.
They drained the juices out.
They put the juices in a large truck, it moved a bit.

Meanwhile, I woke up and my heart was gone.
Admittedly it had been a big night.
"It'll show up", I thought (what a fool).
It didn't show up.
Most of my friends could tell it was gone.
This was two years ago.
Most of my friends stopped contacting me.
Partly because I moved to another city.
Mostly because they could tell.
New friends admired my brain.
I'd put my brain in the hole where my heart used to be.
It looked pretty similar.
I struggled on (quite successfully).
I still did good things.
But I longed for it.
I couldn't ever forget.
I searched constantly.

This morning I saw it on the internet.
On street view.
It was powering a large truck a bit.
It was boarding a ferry in 2009.
I waited on the other side.
But it didn't show up.
I knew it was my heart.
I could just tell it was.

I thought I'd never see my heart again.
I got that impression.
It was sad. 
I can do without it.
I can do many things without it.
But, imagine.
Imagine what I could do with it.
With the juice flowing in me.
I'm much smaller than a large truck, imagine the intensity.
I haven't worked out how to get it back.
But I'm working on it.
Imagine the intensity.