Nathan the Turkey

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It was christmas eve and Nathan the turkey was very nervous, tonight he was hosting a christmas party. And not just any christmas party, but a surprise christmas party for all the other animals in the stable. And they were all due to arrive in 19 minutes, so it was crunch time.

He frantically hung streamers and fairy lights along the rafters. He was very excited, almost everything was ready. 

Nathan had never really enjoyed christmas, but this year he was making a real effort.

As he placed the last of the decorations on the tree he sung a little song that he made up on the spot.

Baubles Baubles Baubles Baubles  
Baubles Baubles Baubles Baubles 
Baubles Baubles Baubles Baubles 
Baubles Baubles Baubles Baubles  

After he finished the last of the baubles, he turned on the stereo and put on his christmas playlist, it had all the classics.

As the music began to play Nathan closed his eyes and imagined the perfect night where the surprise was a success, the food was delicious, the games were fun and at the end of the evening he might share a slow and passionate dance with Tiffany the goose. Nathan had a bit of a thing for Tiffany the Goose.

All of a sudden through the cold night breeze, Nathan the Turkey heard the chatter and giggle of the animals as they approached the stable.

He quickly armed himself with streamers and party poppers, stopped the music, turned off the lights and in the dark frenzy he accidentally ran headfirst into a wall and knocked himself out.

He lay unconscious on the stable floor as the animals arrive. They turn on the lights, saw the decorations and then noticed Nathan the Turkey lying silent and still on the floor. 

Nathan had an incredible dream sequence filled with elephants in cardigans on skateboards. It was really quite a magical dream sequence.

Eventually he gently opened his eyes. The stable was dark, Nathan was very disappoint. Christmas was ruined, they must've all gone out. This is the last time I try to embrace Christmas.

Nathan slowly dragged himself off the floor. And as soon as he stood up, all the animals jumped out from hiding spots around the stable and yelled:


Party poppers and streamers flew through the air. The music started, the beautiful lights came on and the party began. It was a hit.

In the soft unfocused light Nathan saw Tiffany. She smiled at him, walked over and put some frozen peas on his head. And in the dappled christmas lights they began to sway passionately.  

The party was a hit and despite having a tremendous headache Nathan the Turkey had a wonderful time.