The Night Before Andrew Left

Added on by Stuart Bowden.

Andrew laughed so hard that he needed to go to the toilet. Lucy was being very funny. Lucy was more relaxed with him than anyone she had ever met; she was actually more comfortable with him than she was on her own. Andrew went to the toilet. She played with a flower that was in the centre of the table; she was awkward on her own, awkward thoughts, and some sad ones too.

She suddenly thought that it might be best if she just left now, before she had to say goodbye, it was spontaneous and seemed romantic, but to be honest it was a stupid idea. She wrote on a napkin before she left.

When we kiss, we ignite like the sun, or something brighter maybe gazillions of light years away, something undiscovered. Breathing is so much easier when I’m with you. I have a request. Can I live in your ear? And can you take me everywhere with you? I’ve come to terms with the fact that it wont be a glamorous life in your ear, but as long as I’m with you I’ll be relatively happy.

Two minutes after stepping out of the restaurant she regretted leaving, writing the note and especially she regretted all the ear stuff, she turned around very quickly.

Andrew stood at the empty table and read the napkin, it was very funny but he did not smile. He didn’t understand it. “If she wanted to live in my ear then why did she leave?” he thought as he paid with his card, which was fine. He stepped out of the restaurant.

“BOO” Lucy jumped out from around the corner and accidently head butt him in the face and his nose started to bleed.

His T-shirt was covered in blood, but he had the napkin in his hand the whole time, like a contract that he needed to clarify the details of.