The New Current ★★★★★

Added on by Stuart.


Stuart Bowden is one half of the award winning Australian duo The Lounge Room Confabulators and he is also performing in his one man show The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart from Us at Underbelly. The story follows Avian a space traveller who is building a space ship in his garden called “The Story”. The Earth is lonely and needs company so Avian hopes that with “The Story” he will be able to find the Earth that friend is so desperately needs.

Avian lets the audience into his secret world where we are told how melancholy has spurned his space-travelling adventures. Avian’s story is really about his quest for a another planet to keep the Earth company. The play sees Avian move to the dessert where he will build “The Story” and recalls the three times he spent time with another person in the desert.
The encounters come across deeply personal, slightly silly, and incredibly heartfelt with an ending so touching there will be few people able to walk out of the show without feeling affected by Avian’s tale.
Bowden further showcases his undeniable ability as a master storyteller and performer who can turn his stories into the most magical ride you could ever take an audience on. He makes it appear as though he is talking directly to you; that he has written you a story that he wants to tell you all about it. You find yourself sat there and listening his words, and his passion.