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Sitting on a rock, the sun trickled through the trees;
From the disdainful wind came a whisper on the breeze.
Following the mutter I went far into the depths.
I followed the sound, until I found some stone-laid steps.
I followed the soaked stones as they fell beneath me feet.
The sound grew all around becoming a faint beat beat.
I watched me step cautiously on the mossy rock.
The pitter-patter of me feet became a tick and a tock.
Tick tock I walked down and down via the secret stone
Till I found meself completely and utterly alone
At least that’s what I thought, when I sat there for a while.
But through the trees a figure gawked at me with a timid smile.
So I head-butted his face really hard.
It hurt me heaps, but I know it hurt him to
and I thought:
That’ll learn him for gawking.