Our Molecules

formerly known as: 

When Our Molecules Meet Again* 

Let's Hope They Remember What to Do

*Probably in Space

Written and performed by Stuart Bowden

Cosmic comedy kindly presented by somebody who is obviously pretending to be an alien.

There is a thing far away in distant space. It’s hard to imagine, but it is a majestic animal that completely dominates its environment. It doesn’t know what it’s actually supposed to be doing. It has developed some very exciting things though, like little candles, disc brakes, really big novelty pencils, tinsel, yogurt, satchels and clamps, to name a few.

A brand new show from the internationally acclaimed master of lo-fi, off-beat, music-infused solo storytelling. Stuart Bowden returns to Melbourne with his brand new theatrical invention. A strange, chaotic, bewildering, joyful, uplifting and moving experience, with dancing, little Casio keyboards and sing-a-longs.